Physique is a Ubiquitous computing platform to build applications, helping any real world objects connect, share, and discover information. Imagine if all the things you own had a digital identity and shared their information continuously with each other like in social media! That is what Physique aims to do!

Heads up! Currently Platform Sign up has been disabled, due to Platform re-design based on the feedbacks.

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A 'Thng' can be any real life object with a digital identity that you would like to share its information with you. Assume there are some programmable devices that can read the state information about the thngs. Applications running on such devices will use the Physique platform to continually post any information about the thngs.


A collection is essentially a set of thngs that share some common property. Since a thng can have multiple properties, the same thng can be a part of more than one collection. A collection is similar to groups in the social media.


A connection is a relationship that each Thng shares with other. A Thng sees every other Thng as what the connection describes it to be. Any information or actions are governed by the Connection between them.